What is Girls Rock Athens, Inc?

Girls Rock Athens was founded in 2009 by Calley Payne, and has sought to empower the females of the Athens area ever since.


Girls Rock Athens is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering girls and women of all backgrounds and abilities through music education, creation, and performance. We provide leadership opportunities, build self-esteem, and provide girls with a safe place to express themselves.


We value the power of music as a means to create personal and social change.

We value efforts that actively expand opportunities for girls and women.

We value positive approaches to fighting sexism.

We value integrity, honesty, and respect.

We value appropriate sharing of resources, cooperation and collaboration.

We value using our collective voice to further our mission of female youth empowerment.

We value diversity.


-- Girls Rock Athens is a member of the Girls Rock Camp Alliance but we are our own organization. Our connections with other camps are as fellow members of the Alliance where we share resources and a common goal of female empowerment.

-- Girls Rock Athens is staffed, volunteered, governed, and supported by various Athens residents.

-- Our goals are intersectional feminist based. We value inclusion and diversity.

-- We do not have any religious or political affiliations.

How can I help Girls Rock Athens?

1.) Volunteer - experience needed? NOPE! -instruments needed? NOPE!

- year round:

Events Team - event planning, fundraising

Promotions Team - social media content, email communication, graphics

Program Team - camp, workshops, and other programming planning

Outreach Team - reach out to areas of the community to increase the diversity of population we serve

Opportunities Team - grant research and writing, partnership, corporate sponsorship, fundraising

- Occasional - volunteer as instructors, band coaches, workshop instructors, run merch booths and info booths, and more

- Junior Volunteers - 15 - 17 years old, generally (but not limited to) previous campers who have aged out of Girls programming and would like to help the next generation of campers, works alongside adult volunteers in whatever capacities interest them

- Can men volunteer? - It is important to us to provide girls with female role models. For this reason we place women in volunteer positions of leadership, direct instruction, and mentorship. Some of our support volunteer positions are open to any gender. We encourage men to apply for those positions.

2.) Partner contact: GirlsRockCampAthens@gmail.com

3.) Donate -financial

- on our website: http://www.girlsrockathensga.org/donate/

-buy our merch!

-mail in: GIRLS ROCK ATHENS PO Box 423 Athens, Georgia 30603

-write a check right now? (made out to Girls Rock Athens, Inc)

-in-kind donations: what does Girls Rock Athens need? (see last page for current list)

How do I sign up to Volunteer?

contact us through our webpage or via email

Experience needed? NONE

Instruments needed? NONE

Background check needed? YES, you will be required to pass a background check, especially when working with the children

What kind of programming do you offer?


Girls Rock Camp - Girls Rock Camp is a week long day camp held in the summer for girls 9-15. The girls pick an instrument, form bands, write and record their music, and participate in a number of workshops throughout the week.  In the past these workshops have included: Self Defense, Healthy Relationships, Media Literacy and Body Image, DIY Merch, Punk Rock Aerobics, and more!


Girls Rock Camp FAQs

- age: 9-15

- why just girls? - We love that there are music programs available to both boys and girls but our goal is to offer an environment that provides female role models for girls, encourages girls to work together, and is a safe space for girls to break down gender stereotypes. This safe space allows the girls to express themselves how they want without expectation based on their gender. We value free expression and the camp provides a place for the girls to explore what they can do outside of their everyday norm.

- Do the girls have to like or want to play rock n’ roll? - No. Girls, instructors, and volunteers are into all genres of music. We expose girls to a variety of styles and encourage them to be creative. The music that the girls’ bands play is a result of input from each girl and cooperation within the band group.

- location - in Athens, address provided when application is accepted

- cost - $300/girl for the week

- financial aid - limited financial aid is available. partial and full financial aid may be offered. This can change year to year depending on budget.

- how to sign up - via Google Form posted on website sign up page, paper applications are available (can be mailed or picked up, pick up places vary by year)

- where to watch for information - website, Facebook, email/newsletter sign up

- experience needed? - None needed!

- instruments needed? - We provide instruments, if you have your own we can discuss you bringing it if you prefer.

- insurance - we buy insurance to cover the girls during camp week and the showcase

- security/privacy - sign in and out, destroy health info after showcase, background checks will be run on all volunteers that interact with children

- is food provided? - currently we do not provide meals to avoid issues with needs/preferences/allergies, if meals are an issue please contact GirlsRockCampAthens@gmail.com or call (706)510-7095 with concerns and needs and we will see if we can work something out for your camper

- transportation provided? - not currently. We recognize this issue and hope to find a solution in the future. Your input on this is welcome!


Ladies Rock Camp - Ladies Rock Camp is a program that also functions as a fundraiser. It is a 3 day condensed version of the girls’ camp but for women 18 and over. It usually takes place some time in the spring on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Our first LRC was held in 2015. All positions are volunteer during this week so as much of the tuition paid can go back into the organization, Girls Rock Athens.


Ladies Rock Camp FAQs

- age - 18 and over

- cost - $200/each or if you sign up with a friend it is $150/each

- bring a friend - $50 off your tuition AND your friend’s tuition person’s tuition if you bring a friend ($150 each)

- financial aid? - Ladies Rock Camp is a fundraiser for Girls Rock Athens, so we can not provide financial aid. We can work on payment plans though. Contact GirlsRockCampAthens@gmail.com or call (706)510-7095

- how to sign up- via website sign up page or via paper applications (available at our events or through request to have it mailed to your address)

- where to watch for information - sign up for email/newsletter, follow us on Facebook, check out our website!

- experience needed? NONE

- instruments needed? NONE

Future program ideas we hope to bring to our community:

- other genres (electronic, hip hop, acoustic, ukulele)

- after school programming

- one-off weekend day program

- sessions (weekend day for 6? weeks)

- community workshops

- more! input welcome!

- where to watch for information: sign up for email/newsletter, follow us on Facebook, check out our website, see contact link at bottom of page.