GRA 2017: Day 3

Wednesday morning began with the campers gathering in groups with others who aren't a part of their band to encourage making new friends. Each group chose a song they all knew and liked to sing on stage for everyone else. We practiced singing a round (each group sang the same part of a song but started at different times for the effect) and sent them to the designated rooms for instrument instruction.

After reviewing the previous days' lessons and learning new chords, notes, techniques, beats, and tips, campers met with Emileigh for a vocals workshop. They discussed breath control, pitch and matching notes, projecting their voices, and singing as a group.

Lunch today was special for the campers because, as there was no performer, they were able to sign up for karaoke on the stage for their friends to watch after they had finished eating. They supported one another as they took turns singing into the mic along to a song of their choosing. Some performed in pairs, some in groups, and some went solo -- they built up energy that they maintained as they headed to the last of the week's poetry workshops.

For finishing the three-day workshop, they each received a certificate with a unique superlative such as "The Bubbly Poet" or "The Happy Poet."

Afterwards, they headed back into the Hip Hop Workshop with Mokah and her VIP Girlz. Learning the dance moves and coordinating with each other to perform a group dance has definitely been a highlight for them, especially because each workshop ends with a friendly competition between the dancers as they split into two groups. We are very excited that some of our campers have begun signing up to participate in the VIP Girlz program after enjoying the workshops at Girls Rock Camp! (Here's the link to do so!)

Then, they assembled back into their bands to work on their songs. Some bands have written two full songs! Others have one down with another in the works. The campers are doing a great job working together to create their songs, write their lyrics, and work together to prepare for the performance. During practice, the campers took a break to take their band photos with professional photographer Jennifer Keene. These photos will appear in the brochure at the showcase.

Band 1: The Black Stars (Arabella, Lucinda, Myca, and Mollie)

Band 2: Savage Squad (Laniyah, Destiny, Taliyah, Denim, and Jayda)

Band 3: The Verge (Genevieve, Evin, Ruby, and Vail)

Band 4: Personal Computer (Charlotte, Anne, Lilly, and Katia)


FInally, they ended with the second installment of the zines workshop. We look forward to seeing them tomorrow to keep up their great work and work on DIY Band Merch in the afternoon!